An analysis of the Preston Manor Letters
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About the Author and this Project

Gillian (Jill) Anderton has degrees from Universities in the United Kingdom and the United States. She has taught at Universities in the U.K. (the Open University and the University of Sussex), the U.S.A. and New Zealand. She is currently teaching part-time for the University of Sussex and also working as an independent scholar. She lives in West Sussex.

Jill Anderton came across the Preston Manor letters while doing some research on local writers, on Charlotte Smith in particular. The letters were written by Charlotte Smith to her publishers Cadell and Davies and date from December 1786 to June 1794. The letters reveal much about Smith’s life and her writings. In August 2007 the archive containing the letters had not been fully listed and they were only available on microfiche; the originals could not be checked until later in the year. There has not been any other extensive analysis of the original letters as yet.